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America -- Land of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Freedom from LAX

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Day 15 of 15: "Woke up in London yesterday, found myself in the city near Piccadilly, don't really know how I got here, I got some pictures on my phone..." (Fitting lyrics from our chosen Contiki tour song, "The Good Life.")

Despite my extremely depressing appearance in this photo, I'm actually thrilled to be back home. The lines of hundreds of people I had to wait in to exit LAX and the two hours it made my very patient husband wait for me were all just one big "Welcome Home."

I had the journey of a lifetime, and I'm so grateful for all the people I met and experiences I had along the way. Some wonderful, some less than wonderful, but all of them taught me something. I'm excited to start realizing just how much I've changed and grown as I face this next chapter. I'm no longer in a master's program, and I'm no longer working a full-time job for a company or organization. Just like these past two weeks, everything will depend on the choices I make and the effort I put forth to create my reality.

Thank you for following along with me. It made me feel at home even when I was far away. Now it's time for a domestic adventure, and I think I'm ready.

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