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Hi, I'm Caitlin!

I help people build intentional, fulfilling lives and relationships that are aligned with who they are by shining a light on their greatest strengths and the valuable perspectives they bring to the world.


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The Art of Speaking Up
"I could have listened to her for hours as she explained so clearly and thoroughly each of my strengths and how I could harness them.  Caitlin gave me language for the strengths I was already using, which now allows me to focus on developing each strength further under the scope of my career, my relationships, and my personal growth. "

Andrea Slater, Art Teacher

Keynote Speech

Tiny Matters:
How Small Shifts in Self-Awareness Can Lead
to Big Changes in Our Lives

Increasing Self-Awareness

Getting to know ourselves helps us let go of ourselves. We learn to set aside our egos to grow in our ability to listen to and appreciate others.

Recognizing the Value of Interdependence

Teams consist of independent individuals whose roles are interconnected. Each team member's sets of strengths, knowledge, and experience are interwoven with one another's, and each set is necessary for the group to thrive together.

Finding Common Ground

Establishing common words and definitions to describe our personality type preferences and strengths can improve our communication and understanding.

Choosing the Impact
We Hope to Have

Because we are all so interconnected, every tiny decision we make each day is getting us closer to (or farther from) creating ripple effects of frustration and confusion or kindness and understanding. Increasing our self-awareness can help us start taking steps toward the latter.

Appreciating Differences

Life is a round table, not a hierarchy. We all bring value and worth to the table; no one is inherently better or worse than one another, just different.

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