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"Cate was a tremendous contributor to the career development of our students here at Chapman U. She approached the collaboration between the Career Development Center and Schmid College in an open-minded, thoughtful, and strategic fashion. We were very sorry to see her depart for other opportunities."

- Andrew Lyon, Dean of Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University

"Caitlin has been a fantastic facilitator for our team workshops on values and strengths. She is a natural presenter, and her positive energy and zest for helping others kept us engaged throughout both sessions. (In fact, one team member commented that the CliftonStrengths workshop was one of the best leadership meetings we’ve ever had!) We developed a greater sense of appreciation for ourselves and one another through our sessions with Caitlin, and I would highly recommend her as a workshop facilitator for any team!”

- Kelly Tran, Former Human Resources Manager at QuickBridge

"Caitlin/Cate is a Myers-Briggs savant! She understands and explains the intricacies of the personality types in a way that is enlightening and inspiring. She helped me find a deeper realization of my Myers-Briggs personality type, which helps me in all areas of my life, both professional and personal. I highly recommend Cate's services and vouch that she is genuine and heartfelt in her desire and ability to help people find depth and purpose in their lives. There is truly no one like Cate!"

- Emma Johnston Léon, Vice President, Client Services Consultant at LEADEROLOGY

"I can’t possibly describe how wonderful my experience was in my session with Caitlin.  I really wanted to learn about Clifton Strengths, as I had come to a crossroads in my career, so I reached out to Caitlin for help.  

The first thing I noticed about Caitlin is how easy she is to talk to.  Within the first few seconds of our session, I felt like I was catching up with an old friend.  She is very warm and cheery and will instantly put you at ease.  The next thing I noticed was how passionate Caitlin is about getting to know people and helping them better understand themselves and their strengths.  I could have listened to her for hours as she explained so clearly and thoroughly each of my strengths and how I could harness them.  Caitlin gave me language for the strengths I was already using, which now allows me to focus on developing each strength further under the scope of my career, my relationships, and my personal growth.

If you are at all considering scheduling a session with Caitlin, you need to get it on the calendar YESTERDAY.  She’s not offering a service; she’s handing you the tools and the understanding you need to operate at your HIGHEST level in life.  You just can’t put a price tag on that. (And yet she’s so affordable!)

Thank you again Caitlin for your hand-tailored encouragement and your uncanny ability to understand me, my strengths, and my goals to a tee.  You’ve brought such clarity to my outlook and my journey and because of you I am ready to take that next step!"

- Andrea Slater, Art Teacher


"I brought Caitlin my resume when I had zero confidence in it. She helped me break it down piece by piece and assisted me in finding the right words to explain my skills and strengths. She is incredibly intelligent and patient and will make sure you feel great about the end results. She also administered my Myers-Briggs assessment and was readily available to answer all of my questions and explain my result in depth. Thank you, Caitlin!"

- Emily Potashnick, Student at Chapman University

"Cate is genuine, masterful in career coaching, and just a complete joy to work with. She helped me create my curriculum vitae and took the time to really break down what she did and why she was doing it. I really appreciate the way she walks me through a process so that I can hold onto those tips for the future. She has also walked me through my Myer-Briggs results, helping me understand all the intricacies and complexities that come alongside with it. She has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity, self-awareness, and greater confidence as I've navigated through big career changes."

- Angeline Vu, Lead Researcher at San Francisco State University's Cognition and Social Equity Laboratory

"I reached out to Cate for help updating my resume. I had just finished my master's degree and was having trouble applying for jobs. After over 6 years of higher education, I still did not know how to properly format a resume! Cate was extremely patient, helpful, and sincere while working with me. We talked about my experience and goals. She was able to show me how to revamp my resume and taught me how to make necessary experience stand out to a future employer. Not only did I get offered the first job I applied to after using the resume she helped me create, but I also feel I learned some valuable skills needed for the workforce."

- Cyndi Chavez, Wildlife Biologist at Santa Ana Watershed Association

"From the moment you sit down with Cate, you realize how much she cares about her client. This translates into an incredibly systematic, efficient, and ultimately successful approach. She quickly gets to the root of who you are as a person through various psychological techniques and tests. She discovers your personal brand and decides how best to market you to your desired employer.

Her step-by-step approach is very reminiscent of professional consulting or marketing agencies. This is necessary, because it is sometimes hard for individuals to see for themselves how to sell themselves to a potential employer. This is because we are naturally invested in what we do and who we are. Cate expertly brings out the relevant information and crafts a sharply tuned instrument that she then aims at your dream job! If you are seeking anything related to career building, I cannot recommend sitting down with Cate enough!"

- Ravi Lodhia, Student at Chapman University

"I had the chance to talk with Cate about my results from the Myers-Briggs assessment, and it was incredibly meaningful to me. She is so insightful and has so much knowledge and passion about what she does. She helped me explore my strengths and my potential. I look forward to every chance I have to collaborate with Cate!"

- Baylee Grosso

"I met Caitlin during my first full-time job out of college, at Roadtrip Nation, when I had no idea what I wanted to do long-term. Caitlin helped me realize that I had to learn more about myself before I could engage in meaningful career exploration. She had me take the Myers-Briggs assessment and thoroughly explained my results with me and helped me understand how my personality type approaches work, relationships, etc. 

I had the luxury of working with Caitlin at my next job at Chapman University. During that time, I was trying to figure out if I wanted to attend law school. She was an amazing mentor, asking me the tough questions to really figure out why I wanted to go to law school and encouraged me to conduct informational interviews while I was considering this next step. She also connected me with some of her contacts to interview (being an excellent "people-person" and networker, Caitlin has a lot of contacts in different industries!). 

Once I decided I wanted to attend law school, I was really struggling with writing my personal statement. I had points I wanted to address, but with Caitlin's help it came to fruition better than I could've imagined! I was worried about this part of the application process but Caitlin is not only a skilled writer, she has the ability to pull things out of you to write a powerful story. With Caitlin’s help, I ended up getting into law school with a scholarship.

Before I started school, my boyfriend and I did the CliftonStrengths assessment with Caitlin. After we took the test, she explained the results to us and how our strengths complement each other and how we might approach life decisions differently based on our strengths. We both felt like we understood each other so much more after our assessment with Caitlin. I cannot recommend Caitlin enough! Whether it is relationships, career, or school, she is an excellent coach! I can’t thank her enough."

- Claire Hauso, Attorney and Former Colleague at Roadtrip Nation and Chapman University

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