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LIFE with an ENFP - Coming Soon!

LIFE with an ENFP

Have you ever felt like you’re carrying around a big ball full of passion and enthusiasm and ideas but have no clue where to direct any of that energy?


And then you end up feeling crushed under the weight of something that really should be an amazing thing?

You're not alone. I've been there.


So I spent years reading self-help books, trying to learn from the best about how to find my purpose and maximize my potential and contribution to the world. I learned a lot of invaluable information in the process but also often ended up feeling overwhelmed with more tips and tricks than I could ever possibly implement. Then whenever I did try to apply them to my life, I would give up only days into the process because it just felt like too much at once.

It finally occurred to me that most of the people whose advice I was taking (while very intelligent and wise) had totally different personality types than I do. So of course not everything they suggested was going to be perfectly tailored for me! And yet I had been relentlessly trying to live my life by following the methods of people who are wired totally differently than I am.


When I finally started to treat my personal development journey more like a delicious buffet of options rather than a prescription to be followed to the letter, I was able to take the parts that worked for me and leave the rest without feeling guilty. I found that I was actually able to make great strides toward becoming the person I wanted to be.

So on LIFE with an ENFP, I'll be sharing with you all about what those best practices have been for me as an ENFP—one small, manageable step at a time. My goal is to help you benefit from the thousands of hours I've spent in my life studying personality and positive psychology, counseling, leadership, and all things personal development.


I'll be your human self-help information filter, sharing insights, exercises, and practical applications of concepts that have worked well for me, an ENFP, that I think will work really well for you, too. I'm so thrilled to help you discover and embrace who you are and then share your gifts with the world.


I believe in you!


Caitlin Hawekotte is an MBTI® Certified Practitioner and a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach. She also has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in leadership development. She's an ENFP according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and her Top 5 CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes are: Strategic, Positivity, Woo, Connectedness, and Communication. She is also a contributing writer for Truity, a developer and publisher of personality and career tests. Most importantly, however, she is passionate about helping people understand and appreciate themselves and others.

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